The Art of Golf
Posted on Dec 11, 2015 04:33 PM

by filgolfer

 It’s Thursday night and I just got home from work. I’m so tired and I want to go to the nearest course to play a round of golf in the morning to blow off some steam. Well, who can blame me? The scenery, the people and the nature of the game itself would be like therapy to anyone. All you have to do is to hit a ball with a club as hard as you can, and gracefully put it in a hole with the least number of strokes . What else can you ask for in a sport?

My whole life revolves mainly on golf. My work, my social life and my family is co-existing with my love in golf. But recently, I’m juggling on providing for my family and having a “me” time playing golf. Have you ever had the experience being between fences of two of the most important aspects of your life but one always wins and you can’t do anything about it? Of course in my case, family wins hands down. But how can something so simple, such as golf become a determiner in your career path, the economic status of a country, your social status and even to where you  are  in life now? What is in this great game that creates these great ripples in every aspect of the life of people who enjoy it?  

To know what made this game so important, we have to look at its past. Though the origin of the game is unclear, it pretty much started with two bored guys back in the 17th century. Who also never knew that playing a game as mindless as, hitting a leather ball with a stick, and putting it in a hole in the least number of strokes, would create in the further years a political controversy, a few kings and a queen to decree it to be banned, for safety and unproductivity issues, unbanning it for the entertainment of monarchs, and causing it to become a social and economic status because of the elites who became fond on playing the same game. Also what contributed to the prominence of the sport is the prestige upon the game itself. This sport is not played by anyone. It is played mostly by monarchs, oligarchs, and just plain rich. Then on the 20th century, The Gatsby Era, lots and lots of extravagant courses were built and some of these are still on the top 100 courses of the world from Golf Magazine's annual issue. This era is also called The Era of Excess, golf courses around the globe, in which maintenance is very expensive, boomed and prospered. These courses have paid no expense in giving credit to the era’s name, which is the Era of Excess and Extravagance.   

That’s so much for history. Now it’s time to look at the present. Here in the Philippines, we proved that this is not just a sport for the elites. Nowadays, This is a sport to be enjoyed by everyone and anyone with the willingness to learn and the drive to excel in the sport. But unfortunately, golf in the Philippines still has the image of an elitists’ game which hinders some to ever pursue the sport. But the Masters by Resorts World Manila would like to break   & change the image of the game by giving Filipino golfers, with passion for the sport, a chance for a huge chunk of the biggest pot money in the history of golfing in the Philippines, which is up to US$1 Million. Clearly stating that this is not a game for just the rich and elite, on the other hand this game could be a step to make you rich if you have the motivation. This 7-day event is just one of many events here in the Philippines to look forward to each year and to engage yourself in. One of many that could make our tourism glow. Also one of many that could help our economy reach sky high by means of inviting investors. And one of many that is open for all Filipinos to dive interest into but at the same time not bringing your wallet on the way to this immersive game slash lifestyle.

If you’re still wondering how on earth this sport became the determiner and the game changer itself on societal, economical and historical place of someone or a country, well, there is one simple answer. This sport is an art. From how it is played to how it captured the interest of its players. Now don’t take it from me. Go out there and pursue an activity that would not just be worth your time but also be the therapy your body is craving for. Get off your seat and join me as we explore together the art that is, golf and be part of the people who paints the canvass to beautify this sport. What are you waiting for? Let's tee it up and be above par.

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