27th Durian Tee Invitational
Posted on Aug 16, 2016 12:32 AM

by filgolfer

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The Durian Tee Invitational shall be conducted in accordance with the Rules of Golf of USGA and the local rules of Apo Golf and Country Club, Inc. (AGCCI).


Only amateur golfers in good standing of their club are eligible to play. Members of the national training pool are not eligible to join.

All participants are required to register with the secretariat in the Official Registration Form, duly signed, before tee-off.



The tournament format is 36-hole stroke play, modified stableford, team and individual competition.



A team shall be composed of two players, a member of AGCCI and his/her invited guest. The individual scores of the team members after 36 holes shall be added and the team scoring the highest number of points shall be declared champion.



Players will be divided into four (4) divisions, as follows:


                        CLASS A                      0 – 9    Handicap

                        CLASS B                      10 – 18            Handicap

                        CLASS C                      19 – 27 Handicap

                        SENIORS                     60 YRS. & ABOVE

                        LADIES                        OPEN


Senior players must declare before tee-off on the first day the division where they wish to compete.


c.)    SCORING

The modified stableford scoring system shall be applied. The player’s score, after applying his/her handicap, if any, on each hole shall be converted to the following points:


                        Net Score                   Points                         Gross Score


Double Bogey              1 point                         2 over fixed score

Bogey                          2 points                       1 over fixed score

Par                               3 points                       fixed score

Birdie                          4 points                       1 under fixed score

Eagle                           5 points                       2 under fixed score

Double Eagle               6 points                       3 under fixed score

                                                            7 points                       4 under fixed score

                                                            8 points                       5 under fixed score







However, the marker shall record only the gross score of the player on each hole and pick-ups with an “X”.


For the convenience and guidance of the players, the holes where he/she has a handicap will be correspondingly marked.



     4.    HANDICAPS   

UNHS Handicaps for August 2016 shall be used. For AGCCI members without UNHS handicap, their club handicap shall be used. For guests without UNHS  handicap, they must submit duly certified handicap from their club before tee-off. Otherwise, they shall be given a zero (0) handicap.


            The maximum handicap for the competition shall be 27 for men and 32 for ladies.



a.)    The tournament will  use the Shotgun Tee-Off System. The first batch will start at 6:00 AM and the second batch at 11:00 AM. Players must indicate in their Registration Form their pairings and tee-time preference. However, the Committee reserves the right to fix the pairings and tee-times. Players who refuse to follow the pairings and tee-times fixed by the Committee shall be disqualified.

b.)    A player who arrives after the starting horn has already sounded is considered late. However, he/she shall not be disqualified, but shall not score any point on the hole(s) that he/she failed to play and will be allowed to join his/her assigned group on the tee of the next hole to be played.

c.)    Members and guests are encouraged to play in the same flight.

d.)    Members with guests who are based in Davao City are encouraged to play on Wednesday and Thursday to give way to sponsors and visitors based outside of Davao City to play on Friday and Saturday.


        6. SLOW PLAY


Players must maintain the proper pace of play at all times. If a flight falls behind by having an open hole in front of them, they will be warned by an official and asked to speed up play. If in the opinion of the official, they fail to keep pace with the flight ahead, all the members of the flight will be assessed a penalty by deducting two (2) points from their total points.




To promote faster play, a player who no longer has any chance  to score a point on a hole, even after applying his/her handicap, must pick-up his/her ball and discontinue play on the hole. Penalty for breach of this rule is two (2) points deduction for each infraction.


       8.  MULLIGAN


                  A player is entitled to two (2) mulligans every 18 holes which can be used anywhere,

                  at anytime, except on the putting surface. A player must  declare to his/her fellow

                  competitor his/her intent to use a mulligan. Once the mulligan ball is dropped or hit

                  from the teeing ground, the ball is considered in play.


Any hole-in-one made with the mulligan shall not entitle the player  to the special prize offered.










                  Each player shall  be assigned as a marker to record the scores of other players        

                  in the same flight. The marker shall  record the GROSS SCORE of the player and

                  mark pick-ups with an “X”.


                  In order to avoid penalties, players are reminded to:


a.)    Retrieve their scorecard from their marker immediately after completion of the round.

b.)    Check their scorecards for correctness.

c.)    Settle any doubtful points with the marker and / or Committee before signing the scorecard.

d.)    Make sure the marker has signed the scorecard.

e.)    Submit the scorecard within five (5) minutes from completion of the round. A scorecard is deemed submitted when it is dropped in the Drop Box provided for.

       10.            AWARDS


a.)    TEAM


·         Gross Champion

·         Net Champion

·         Gross 1st Runner-up

·         Net 1st Runner-up

·         Net 2nd Runner-up

·         Net 3rd Runner-up

·         Net 4th Runner-up

·         Net 5th Runner-up




·         Over-All Gross Champion

·         Over-All Net Champion

·         Gross & Net Champion for Class A, B, & C

·         Gross & Net Champion for Seniors Division

·         Gross & Net Champion for Ladies Division


A player can compete in one category only. Senior players must indicate before teeing off on the first day the division they wish to compete. Otherwise, he shall be placed in the division where his handicap belongs.


Participants who are already winners in the team division cannot vie for individual honors anymore except for the Over-All Gross and Net Champions.


c.)    HOLE-IN-ONE


A player who makes an ace on a par 3 will be given a special. In case more than one player makes an ace, the special prize offered will be divided among them.


An ace made with a mulligan will not entitle the player to the special prize.







a.)    Only caddies and umbrella girls accredited by AGCCI may be employed.

b.)   The Rules of Golf allow the player to authorize his/her caddy to mark his/her ball ( Rule 20-1 ). However, please be reminded that if a player himself/herself marks and lifts the ball, his/her caddie is not allowed to replace it. If the caddie marks and lifts the ball, the caddie or the player may replace it ( Rule 20-3a ).


c.)    Also please be reminded that umbrella girls are prohibited from giving advice, driving golf carts, handling the player’s equipment & golf ball and assisting a player in any manner, except carrying the player’s umbrella, towel, water, container, mobile phone and personal accessories.


      12.  Unfinished Round Due to Darkness and Adverse Weather Conditions


If a round is  unfinished due to darkness and adverse weather conditions, the players affected will not be given any point on the holes not played.




a)      Team Competition – Ties in the  team competition shall be settled by comparing  the team score and determining the winner on the basis of:


·         The better team score on the second round; then by

·         The better team score on the first round; then by

·         The best individual score of the team on the second round; then by

·         The best individual score of the team on the first round; then by

·         Toss coin.


b)     Individual Competition – Ties in the individual competition shall be settled by comparing the scores of the players involved and determining the winners on the basis of:


·         The best 18 – hole score of the players; then by

·         The second round score of the players; then by

·         Toss coin



The Committee reserves the right to make changes in the format, pairings and tee-times. Decisions of the Committee shall be final.


       15.            AWARDS NIGHT


Awards night will be held on 20 August 2016 at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao RSM Events Center in Matina, Davao City at 6:00 PM.


Merchandise will be raffled off but players must be personally present to be entitled to the prize.






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